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Moment by Moment

Moment by Moment
Spiral Mandala, oringinal artwork by Suzanne Halstead

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wonder -ring

I'm wonder-ring this morning...
For me, that's letting my wonder ring - as in ringing true. It's like opening a big space inside myself and letting the sound of me ring around. The more I am open to wonder ring the more the internal sounds echo, linger, create harmonies.

I wonder if God wondered - you know wondered us and all of creation into being. In the beginning was the Word - the sound - we are spoken - rung into existence. Vibrations of sound waves creating patterns, colors - even light itself. And it was good - yes very good!

Try it - try wonder-ring. Create an open space inside yourself where sound - the Word - can reverberate beautiful harmonies within you. Then -- watch light sparkling on water, listen to the wind in the trees, soak in the colors of a flower, touch the softness of the skin of someone you love, taste your favorite fruit and let your self - wonder.

Enjoy this day,

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